About Us

Chabua Live is recently formed an Digital Media with an Unique vision & Mission. The motto of this channel is to publish such kind of news that is not covered up by Indian Television and also to bring out the hidden talent of every mankind. The main motive of Chabua Live  is to serve for mankind is to serve for society.

As we believe that  there is a lot of things that needs to be explored in the society. It has been observed that the present leading Indian Medias does not cover such types of stories that has a great talent behind every mankind which has remained hidden forever. So keeping this as a point of view, the young & Educated a group of people came up with a media platform where each and every common people can speak & raise their voice with their own idea, creativity, knowledge for the betterment of the society. It is a platform where every single person can share their own point of view with us. We publishes such kind of news that has a great importance in the society and apart from this We organizes Talk Show, Sunday Debate, Debate of the week, Music & Entertainment, etc.

Out team believes that service to mankind is service to society. We search for the hidden talents of the mankind and also give them a platform.

If you are interested and want to join with us than you are heartily welcomed by CHABUA LIVE(a platform for hidden truth) . You can join the hands with us to work together.

And if you really support us for the work than drop down your Comments and stay updated with us.



Meet the Team


Bishwajit Phukan

Founder & CEO


Nasim Ahmed